Soppy – Philippa Rice

This is my first graphic novel I’ve ever picked up and it was a bit of an impulse buy, if I do say so myself. I came across this little number in Urban Outfitters when I was wandering through the sales and saw it was down from £8 to £3. It was so unbelievable that even the cashier had to double check the price. I just wish I could get the sales stickers off of it. Philippa Rice is an artist who illustrates comics and lends her art to animations and models, and her art style only adds to the allure of this particular novel. 

Also how cute is this cover?

Rice’s graphic novel follows her relationship with her boyfriend Luke, also an illustrator. It shows that the things that matter most in relationships aren’t the big romantic gestures, but the little ones. It goes through their lives together from meeting, their first dates, to moving in together and their relationship now. It also doesn’t romanticise relationships; showing silly arguments and misunderstandings which are present in all relationships. But then again, it shows all of the small moments that you tend to throw away; they’re the ones that seem so small that they really can’t be of any significance in the grand scheme of it, but in the long run they’ll be the things you look back and remember if things do go tits up. 

The colour palette of red, black and white makes all of the events seamlessly flow and the general connotation of red is love; so it kind of makes sense. It’s also got some of the cutest dialogue  that I’ve ever seen and I can only hope that it’s been said. This includes conversations about milkshakes, pillows and even phone lock screens. I stand by what I tweeted a little while ago about this book. It’s very much relationship goals. It shows that no matter what, if you’re in love you can make it work. Everything will work itself out and you shouldn’t be overlooking the small things that someone might do for you. Because in the end those are the things that will help you out of arguments, or even just remind you of good times. Even if vanilla is the weak version of chocolate. 

Total pages – 112

Total read time – 10 minutes

Rating /10 – 7

Recommend – Yes. Definitely. 


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